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Document Scanning

This online demo application (JavaScript + ASP.NET-C#) shows how to use the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK to control any TWAIN compatible scanners in a web page.

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Capture from Scanner & Webcam

This online demo application (JavaScript + ASP.NET-C#) shows how to use the Dynamsoft SDK
in a web page to capture images, edit and then upload to web servers.

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OCR (text recognition)

The sample demonstrates how to load a local PDF or image file,
upload it to server and then perform server-side OCR.

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Read Barcode from Scanners

The online demo allows fast and robust linear barcode (Code 39, Code 128, etc.), QR Code, DataMatrix and PDF417 recognition from scanned documents.

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Read barcode from scanners online - 1D,
QRCode, DataMatrix and PDF417

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We suggest choosing resolution higher than 800x600 for barcode reading.
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Platform & Browser Support:

Internet Explorer 8 and above (32 bit/64 bit), Chrome 27 and above (32 bit/64 bit), Firefox 27 and above (32 bit/64 bit) on Windows.
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