Dynamsoft/Barcode Reader/ Barcode Reader SDK of C / C++ / .Net / Java / JS / Android / iOS / PHP
Support decoding 1D / PDF417 / QR / DataMatrix / Aztec / GS1 DataBar / Maxicode / Patch Code / GS1 Composite
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or click the sample images

Online barcode reader - QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec, GS1 DataBar, Maxicode, Patch Code, GS1 Composite and 1D

With Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, developers can easily integrate barcode detection and decoding functionalities into their desktop, web and mobile applications. Four editions available: the Windows Edition provides C, C++, .NET APIs; the JavaScript Edition provides client-side recognition in browsers; the Mobile Edition provides iOS and Android APIs; the Linux Edition supports decoding in PHP, Java, C++, etc.

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