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Online barcode reader - QR Code, DataMatrix, PDF417, Aztec and 1D

With Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, developers can easily integrate barcode detection and decoding functionalities into their desktop, web and mobile applications. Four editions available: the Windows Edition provides C, C++, .NET APIs; the JavaScript Edition provides client-side recognition in browsers; the Mobile Edition provides iOS and Android APIs; the Linux Edition supports decoding in PHP, Java, C++, etc.

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Select Template
A template is a set of barcode reading settings saved in json format. Documentation for more details >
Barcode Format:
Specify the barcode type(s) to read. Defaults to all supported types.
Recognition Mode:




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Template Name:
Barcode Format:
Specify the barcode type(s) to read. Defaults to all supported types.
Maximum barcodes per page:
The maximum number of barcodes that would be read in a single page.

Timeout per page (ms):

Whether to filter text to obtain a clearer image for decoding.
Min Image Dimension to Filter Text (pixel):

Advanced Settings:
Region Predetection Mode:
Whether to pre-detect existing region for barcodes search.

Min Image Dimension to Pre-detect Region (pixel):
Barcode Invert Mode:
The ink colour for barcodes search.
Texture Detection Sensitivity:
The higher value you set, the more efforts it will take to detect texture.
Enable Full Image Localization,
Take full image as a barcode when its dimension is less than width*height

when width < px
and height < px
Use Format Settings:
Select Pages:

Max Image Dimension (pixel):
Sets the threshold value of the image dimension in pixels. If the dimension size is larger than the given value, the library will calculate the required height and width of the barcode image and shrink the image to that size before decoding. Otherwise, it will perform barcode decoding on the original image.

Read DPM Codes:

Forward Image Reference Count:

Backward Image Reference Count:


Define Rows and Columns of the Matrix:
Fill Binary Vacancy:
Localization Algorithm Priority:
Max Image Dimension To Localize
Barcodes On Full Image:
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