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With Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, developers can easily integrate barcode detection and decoding functionalities into their desktop, web and mobile applications. Barcode scanning SDK with multiple packages for programming with JavaScript, C/C++, .NET, Python, Java, iOS, Android.



Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK Online Demo FAQ
1. What are the differences between the scan modes? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
Speed: It prioritizes time cost over the accuracy of the results, and coverage is vice versa.
Coverage: Opposite to speed, this mode prioritizes accuracy by sacrificing speed.
Balance: It is the perfect middle ground between speed and coverage.
Learn how to use each setting to optimize barcode scanning in your usage scenario.
2. How to read Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
DPM codes are permanent markings on the surface of a part which is often used for identification. Dynamsoft barcode reader offers a DPM scanning mode that is designed specifically for reading these tiny, low-contrast, and complex DPM codes.
To enable this feature, simply turn on the “Direct Part Marking (DPM)” switch in the left panel.
Find out how to configure the barcode reader to read DMP codes efficiently.
3. How to customize a template for my image set? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
Dynamsoft Barcode Scanner SDK uses a template to set scanning parameters for customization. Explore more about these scanning parameters.
With over 200 configurations at your disposal, learning which ones to change may prove to be a challenge. Therefore, Dynamsoft offers a consulting service to maximize the value of barcode reading in your business case. Contact support today.
4. Where can I get help if the demo cannot decode my images? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
If you face any issues regarding this demo, you can get in touch with Dynamsoft Support.
5. Do you have a solution for scanning barcodes in mobile browsers? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
Yes, the Dynamsoft Barcode Scanner JavaScript Edition enables real-time localization and decoding in a web browser on a mobile or desktop. You can quickly transform any camera-equipped device into an online barcode scanner using a few lines of JavaScript code.
6. What are the runtime settings? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
Runtime settings are what control the barcode recognition process such as which barcode types to decode. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader provides two ways to set these parameters: PublicRuntimeSettings and JSON template files.
PublicRuntimeSettings is an API that modifies the built-in template, and only supports commonly used parameters. Learn how to update Dynamsoft Barcode Reader parameters through PublicRuntimeSettings.
JSON templates support all Dynamsoft Barcode Reader parameters. Go through the related parameter setting interfaces to learn more.
7. What input formats does this demo support? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
This barcode scanner demo supports PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PDF files. It can also perform live scanning via a camera.
8. Does this demo support reading the PDF417 code on a Driver’s License? Barcode Scanner Online Barcode Scanning
Yes, this online barcode scanner demo can read the PDF417 code on a Driver’s License. It supports all common symbologies such as 1-dimensional barcodes, QR codes, GS1, GS1 Databar, DataMatrix codes, Maxicode, Postal Code, Patch Code, DotCode, Pharmacode, and Aztec code.